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Who Is Joe Kinder?


Joe Kinder’s first climbing experience was in Estes Park, Colorado on a family vacation when he was 13.  It wasn’t until two years later, while living in New Hampshire, that Joe became fully overtaken by the sport of rock climbing.

Known for his outrageous personality and infinite psyche, Joe is walking motivation. He eats, sleeps and breathes climbing and stays true to his personal slogan “ALWAYS PSYCHED!!!”.

After graduating college at the Maine College Of Art he became a professional athlete by age 20. A true business man sets him aside form the rest and allows him to travel the world, climb all year long and share his stories through videos and photos which can be seen on the popular

Throughout his entire climbing career, consistency has been his forte. Joe’s personal climbing highpoints include numerous 9a routes, V13 boulder problems, and many first ascents and route development.

Kinder’s personal philosophies stem from experiences, friendship and travel throughout his life as a climber.  The approach or “One life to life” is how he lives day-to-day and it shows in his positivity, which is infectious.

Joe Kinder is one of the most influential rock climbers in America today. Whether reaching out to people through his well-read, popular blog, or meeting climbers in person at crags around the globe, he is able to share his genuine passion for this sport in an amazing, unforgettable way. No one forgets meeting Joe. Having spent a fair number of days climbing with Joe, I’ve seen first hand how he raises the energy and overall psyche of everyone at the crag with his unique, uncontainable personality.


As a professional, Joe takes his job truly seriously; not something I can honestly say about every pro climber out there. He’s a skilled, shrewd businessman, a talented artist, natural photographer and skilled videographer. He has tons of great energy and innovative ideas that would be absolutely invaluable to any company looking for ways to make their brand more authentic and appealing.


-Andrew Bisharat, Rock & Ice Magazine


No other climber in the world optimizes the new generation of outdoor athletes like my good friend Joe Kinder. Most everyone knows he collaborates with his sponsors at a level never seen before, but it’s his connection with friends and fans that humanize his adventures that are most special. Everyone feels like they can do that too — and there is unbelievable value in that.

-Tim Kemple, Photographer-Camp 4 Collective


Joe Kinder is great asset to any brand that wants to connect with consumers who are passionate about the outdoors, travel, and of course rock climbing. His trademark ‘always psyched’ attitude is genuine and contagious! His videos transcend the climbing community and are able to engage a broad audience across a wide age range. His passion for climbing and establishing new routes keeps him well respected in the core climbing community but he is able to draw in everyone to follow him and the brands he represents.


-John Branagan, Sterling Ropes












  • Gary Hunter - Just wanted to wish you well, Joe, and to advise that a coming generation will follow your best efforts with great interest. You’ve set a fine example. Well done!

    Best wishes from ole West High.

  • Gregory Backpacks - Pushing the limits is the driver of climbing hardware and backpack design.

    Keep on climbing Joe. Keep on inspiring us.

  • Riley Olsen - i was just in saint george and had the opportunity to climb some of your climbs (or imagine climbing) with my uncle casey anderson. they were awesome, good work

  • Bryan Franklin - I was wondering what camera you use for filming? Thanks

  • Joey Kinder - Bryan…. we use a 5d Mark II and a T2i… currently.

  • Alex - Hey Joe! This is Alex Stephens from Swiftwick. Shoot me an email. I would love to get you some product!

    Alex Stephens

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