The Happs

I am sitting in Berkeley, California working on another video I have on my plate.  It seems to be the biggest commodity for climbing sponsors these days.  Deliverables.  All of you climbers trying to make a career out of this game, I would say learn some creative vid and photo skills and hone it.

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Hot Ziggity I’m On TV!!!!!!!!!!

This was so much fun.  Two days ago I got to share the joys of rock climbing with someone who had never experienced our sport before.  Maria Silva of Fox News 5 in Las Vegas did a piece with your’s truly for her “Wednesday Workout” segment which is sponsored by Xyience.  I was honored to have shown her a tidbit of our awesome sport and to share with her a little of our world.  Take a look and don’t make fun of me too bad… hehe.

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Resources For Climbing In Vegas

Lately things have been wrapped around media frenzies.  I feel like Chris Sharma or someone famous jeez!  From my own video stories to Black Diamond’s photo shoot, to another news appearance for Xyience its been a lot of camera time.   Phew!

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New Sponsor – XYIENCE !!!

The past few months have been a lot of nail-biting and anticipation on trips, sends, new business endeavors and new sponsors. I guess luck is on my side these days and things could not be better for your boy Joe right now. I am proud and sincerely head-exploding-psyched to call Xyience (a leading sports nutrition company and maker of Xenergy, the official energy drink of the UFC®) my newest sponsor. Take a look at the press release for more info. Thanks so much for all of your support. It will be a great year/future with this awesome company. I look forward to exposing their unique outlook on fitness and sports to my world of rock climbing. WEEHOO!!!

Now off to the cliff to try my project!


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Photo Mescla

I am not very interested in boring people with the benign events in my life right now like car trouble, tattoos, vacation, and new sponsors… Hehe… stand by for the news I will share soon. Until then am posting up some goodies and rando’s like these here. My life is awesome and I live it to the fullest… ALWAYS PSYCHED… and a bit cynical. Onward a muerte guys!!!!!!!

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Necessary Diligence

Thanks to Mike Doyle and La Sportiva.

It’s not always about the send and clipping the chains in our game of redpointing.  It’s the process, the journey along the way and what we do to get there.  This is my effort to showcase that using Mike Doyle who is a climber I have a deep respect for.  Mike works full time and makes sacrifices to climb his hardest.  This is his story thus far with his project Necessary Evil 5.14c.

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