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Missed The Bus

Check out this great video Colette McInerney put together of my process on Papichulo 9a+ in Oliana, Spain. This is a route I got really close to sending, but missed the bus on. Its been on my mind a lot throughout the past few months and I am eager to return for it. It took a lot of patience, strength, build-up, some good days, some awful days, and a lot of REALLY close tries to sending. What a process! Unfortunately it just didn’t happen for me. A route at your limit requires the entire package to come together in the right moment and setting all of those things up to happen is the duty. I love redpoint climbing for this reason. The process and the learning experience will last a lifetime and this is one aspect of rock climbing I adore.

Thanks Eastern Mountain Sports for all of the support and enabling me to live this life.

“Missed The Bus” – Papichulo from EASTERN MOUNTAIN SPORTS on Vimeo.

  • Bryce - Was that lead fall in the last 5 seconds for real? That’s almost like a bungee jump

  • Joey Kinder - Real man…

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