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Nor’Easter 2011 Came and Went!

At the moment I’m relaxing in the hotel room on the day after the Nor’easter in Burlington, VT. I am tired, exhausted, totally worthless and I guess that’s what having fun for 3 solid days will do to you? The time here was great and was as I expected, the biggest and best one yet. I kinda figured with the location (on the waterfront right in town) and all the bad-ass bands. For me it was the usual friends, chatting it up about this n that, always laughing about something or some story, and the ambiance. That is what makes the vibe after all and this Nor’easter is gonna to be tough to beat.  THANKS EASTERN MOUNTAIN SPORTS!!!!!!!

Enjoy the photos and see you all at the crag. I cannot wait to get back to Rifle and start on a new project!!!!

We had one last day in Rifle and I was stoked to have Bad Girls Club finished.  I could then focus on other things during the Nor’easter.Dave trying Bad Girls Club.The Nor’easter begins!Robert, Eric, and Dave.  We ran around doing some vid work for a couple of days.  VERY cool to see my Eastern Mountain Sports on such a creative level.Grinding!RJD2… bad ass set.Dave and Andy Yorkin in the Gregory booth… constant humor.Sky and Bodie… Pete Kamitsis’s kids.  COOLEST ever.Owen and his girl.Matt Wilder on point.  Phil Schaal showing a sick style.  I love to watch this guy climb.
Rob D!  Second place behind Ian Dorey… DANG right boys…  FINALLY SOME BLACK FOLKS IN CLIMBING!!!!!  This dude was strong as SH*T…  But more than anything I was just glad he wasn’t white.
Tim Kemple and Dave G…. geeks.True hommies for life.  Literally two of my favorite people on the planet.Tim Kemple shot…. thanks dude.

And our last hotel night.  ON to the next zone!

GREAT EVENT EMS!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

  • Scott - Joe psyched on black folks in climbing! You’ll be happy to know that we’ve got at least two black climbers in Dallas. One of whom I’m proud to say is my partner.

  • Morgan - Joe, glorious pictures. The black guy is Ayo Sopeju from the Great White North. Not only is he super strong but he’s easily one of the nicest guys on the Tour de Bloc circuit here in Canada!

  • Joey Kinder - Sure wish I got to meet him.

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