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Hueco 2

Things around the Tanks have been going quite well.  For me I am getting stronger and its RAD!!!  Sam Davis did a new V13 yesterday that cuts across the normal exit to Crown Of Aragorn V13 and ends on the V7 to the left… I shot video of it as well, so stand by for that one. James Kassay is killing it and it isn’t even funny. Everyday there are sends from people in one way or another that keep this place so alive! It’s nuts here. It makes me realize how strong the USA is in terms of bouldering. I would say that the USA boulderers are THE ones on top of the game and a place like Hueco Tanks is one of the best test grounds.

Chris Webb Parsons on Dark Age V11

I love the transition from routes to bouldering. The strength you build is easy to notice, and in the end feeling stronger is SUPER motivating. I really think it’s best to have a base of bouldering all the time… moves are just easier, your fingers are stronger and you can see through difficult sequences a lot better. I always make a pact with myself that I will stay bouldering, but it’s just so easy to get caught up in what you are doing… whether its trad, ice, sport or whaddever. Juggling all of the games is really tough, but again… I will say it…. I am going to keep a bouldering base!

Crown Of Aragorn V13

Thomasina on Techo V11

Tony on Techo V11

I have been dabbling on some harder lines which is great. Cour De Leon V13 is going to be my lil project… I had some decent links yesterday and gotta try again now that it’s on my mind. The “Tip Project” is amazing and will get sent soon by Jason or Daniel. Someone has to do this thing as it is one of THE best undone lines here. Sam Davis was hiking on it as well… he might be the “Wild Card” that takes this one out and I will NOT be surpised at all.  Sam is KILLING it right now… he is SUPER strong! It’s very motivating to climb with him.  And ya know what?   He kinda reminds me of my cousin Fred. HA!

Alex Puccio lapping this little V11

Chris and his skin issues from trying Terremere

Chris on Speed Bump V7

I hooked up some boulder problems here and there V11 and V12s.  More than spraying (like anyone really gives a shit anyway! HA!) I will report when I do something at all cool…  I am close on a lot of things as well… It’s all time however. I got a few days left until I roll back to the hellish winter of Colorado’s Western Slope… yeah REAL fun. But the OR show takes place and I am stoked to meet with my companies and friends. Always a good time. After that I will dabble in S. Utah for a few days and head back to Hueco… I HAVE TO!!!!

The Tip Project

Adam Strong on the Tip Proj

More to come from this insane place!

Things keep getting better and I love it.

  • Leif Gasch - DUDE! Tip proj is the rad line, I can’t believe that thing hasn’t gone down yet. I’m telling ya, the super low sit start to the tip project but traverse low and left into Dark Silhouette, V10 or 11, fun as hell!

  • Isaac - Sick! Hueco is the best! Where is this Tip Project? It looks prrrrroud.

  • David - Amazing photos from this climb! Thomasina on Techo V11 is the best.

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