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A Little Vid from Priest Draw.

Carnivore Direct V9 from Joey Kinder on Vimeo.

If anyone has any good recipes on Vimeo compression settings help me out. I have dabbled but not found the best one… I usually do the suggested settings, but can’t say I’m that happy with the outcome.

  • Fred Vionnet - Nice cave!

  • matt - i think that this problem is actually carnivore (anorexic into carnivore direct). the direct start begins left of of this, and uses some pockets and a sloper to link into the finish of carnivore. it gets confusing under those roofs with all of those holds.

    regardless, this is a sick send. sticking the throw without cutting feet–brutal! nice work yo

  • vacaspurpuras - in iMovie you can export by using QuickTime, and then choose MPEG-4 with HD or full HD dimensions, music -> AAC 192kb/s.
    it’s creating really small file but the footage is in very good quality, I had the same problem 😉

  • samt - I concur, invalid send.. clearly not the direct start and a high number of unapproved sequences used.

  • admin - Well let it be stated… My bad. It is not the direct start. I really didn’t know the name of the problem until I looked it up on the inet… sorry.

  • Devin - Check out Vimeo’s compression guidelines:

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