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joebite.jpg Pete Kemetsis, my boy from Vermont just stopped by Rifle to do a little climbing.  Pete is a rad climber who is consistently climbing hard sport routes, trad routes and developing areas.  I am a firm believer in a climber being consistent with their accomplishments and I have always believed that is what makes someone a good climber.It was LOTS of fun and motivating to kick it with him…Lotsa love Pete.  We worked on Bite The Bullet 13c together, it brought me back to my days at Rumney. Hmmmmm…..  petebite.jpgI am really looking forward to the Noreaster event put on by Eastern Mountain Sports….Check out the website for more info.  I expect to see every east-coast friend there!!!  HAAHHH!!!  The is  really going to be bad-ass….Dave G, Chris Sharma, Kevin Jorgeson, Tommy Caldwell, Lizzy Asher, and little ol’ me will be the Team Representation.  MUSIC, CLIMBING, PARTYING, FRIENDS!!!  What more can you ask for??!!!!  I’m SO psyched.  SEPTEMBER 26-28TH….BE THERE!!!!!!!!! pie-2.png   Our pace here in Rifle has been pretty slow…can’t really comment on why.  I am eager to establish a crib right now.  I think we will kick it here for a couple of months…but camping is starting to get kinda old…to be honest…UGH!!!   We are checking the internet for places in Glenwood, Carbondale, Rifle….anywhere near-by for some living comforts.  After being on the road for 4 months…I am eager to relax a little and have some home-conveniences.  So yo…if ANYONE knows of anything in the area…HIT ME UP!!!!   Going for The Crew tonight…wish me luck!! 

  • Angie - Sweet pictures! If Keystone were closer, I’d say you could crash here…

  • Brian Solano - The G9’s lookin good man!

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