• A couple in Durham, NC was violently robbed of over $250K in crypto funds.
• The robbers used zip ties and handguns to restrain the pair.
• Police are currently looking for the assailants and asking for help from local residents.

Durham Couple Robbed of Crypto Funds

A elderly married couple living in Durham, North Carolina were subjected to a violent home invasion recently, during which two men forced them into transferring hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency to wallets they controlled. The perpetrators were carrying handguns and had restrained the pair with zip ties when police arrived on the scene.

Investigation Underway

Police have issued arrest warrants for the two attackers and are currently looking for their getaway vehicle, described as a BMW X5 between 2021 and 2023 models. The victims sustained minor injuries and were taken to a local hospital following the incident. Sergeant Jermaine Clark has stated that although tracking cryptocurrency can be difficult, it is certainly not impossible and his team is confident they will be able to locate the stolen units and return them to their rightful owners.

Home Invasions Rare But Prevalent

Home invasions like this one are rare in Durham but do occur occasionally according to police investigator Christopher Walker who advised citizens that if someone unknown comes unannounced at your door then you should ask for identification or information before opening any door. He further suggested getting security systems or doorbell cameras installed so you can always keep an eye on who is near your property as well as having close relationships with neighbors so they can report anything suspicious when you are away from home.

Crypto Crime Increasing

Sergeant Clark commented that cases involving violence as this one are relatively rare when it comes to crypto crime, however he did mention that incidents like these have been increasing lately throughout North Carolina and other parts of the country due to its anonymous nature making it particularly attractive to criminals looking for easy money transfers without leaving any traceable clues behind them.

Prevention Tips

The best way to avoid becoming a victim in situations such as these is by being aware of your surroundings at all times, avoiding opening doors or giving out information about yourself or your finances until you know who you’re dealing with and taking proper safety precautions such as installing security systems or cameras around your property so you can monitor visitors even while away from home. Additionally, having strong relationships with neighbors can help ensure someone is always keeping an eye out for suspicious activity near your residence while also providing support should something happen while you’re away from home

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