• Pat Toomey, former US Senator of Pennsylvania, recently discussed his thoughts on crypto and the need for time to ensure it’s given a fair shake.
• Despite this, he chose to step away from the Republican Party when it faced issues of its own, seemingly going against what he had recommended with crypto.
• Had Toomey remained in politics, Republicans would have maintained control in Congress and potentially helped America’s economy.

Pat Toomey Shows Incongruity in Discussions of Crypto

Recently, former Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey discussed his many thoughts on crypto and how he was against regulation given everything comes with hiccups. He suggested that even though there are some problems with cryptocurrency, this isn’t reason enough to stop the space from growing.

Toomey Chose Not to Run for Reelection

Despite serving in politics for over 20 years, Toomey chose not to run for another term due to feeling that the Republican party had changed too much over the years.

Inconsistency Between Actions and Suggestions

One could argue that by not running for reelection, Toomey contributed indirectly to some of America’s ongoing economic problems and an unstable position in the crypto market. This is seemingly the exact opposite of what he’s suggesting should be done with cryptocurrency: try your best to help it even if it isn’t working perfectly.

Potential Impact of Toomey Running Again

Had Toomey decided to run again, he likely would have earned another term which means that Republicans would have had a majority in both Senate and House of Representatives; thus Congress would have been in fully red control, possibly helping America’s economy.


Overall , Pat Toomeys decision not to run for reelection may seem incongruous when compared to his suggestions concerning regulation on cryptocurrency . His potential re-election could have been beneficial for Americas economy .

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