Fred Chesnais, CEO of Atari: “I am a big fan of the blockchain”
Atari CEO Fred Chesnais was featured as a speaker at CoinAgenda Global 2020 in a virtual chat on October 30.

The public sale of Atari tokens has been launched on the Bitcoin System at a price of $ 0.25 per token.

Video games are still in the company’s DNA.

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Atari CEO Frédéric Chesnais may not be nostalgic, but the company’s public token sale features players like cryptocurrency investors, who are reminiscing about both video games and the era of ICO.

The public sale of Atari tokens was launched on the Exchange today at $ 0.25 per token. The company is aiming for a hard cap of $ 1 million. While it is not clear whether they are able to hit this amount or not, Atari has big plans for its token, which is designed to go beyond gaming to „propel the interactive entertainment industry“. „.

Chesnais was featured as the keynote speaker at CoinAgenda Global 2020 in a virtual discussion today hosted by Michael Terpin, Founder and CEO of Transform Group. The game manager explained that Atari, who helped shape the early game industry, is still alive, saying:

There is a lot of notoriety about this brand. The audience has aged, the fan base has aged. This is a good thing for us, because we have a wider reach in terms of potential audience and people interested in what we do. We are still making video games. It is still the DNA of the company. But at the same time, we realize that the world is changing.

In order to compete with companies like Activision, Atari is focusing on virtual products, which Chesnais says is the direction the world is going. Chesnais said he was a „big blockchain supporter,“ pointing to Atari Chain, a Gibraltar-based entity responsible for the governance and ecosystem of the Atari network powered by the Atari token. It is made up of an Atari wallet blockchain ecosystem powered by the Atari token based on ERC-20. Chesnais said during this conversation:

This is what the brand needs.

The little-known trail

When Atari set out to build Atari Chain, they encountered a fork in the road. They could have built the platform exclusively for its own games, in which case Atari would be the only company to use the token. In that case, Chesnais explained, the company could try to “corner the video game market on the blockchain”. But Atari is involved in a cryptocurrency and blockchain sandbox initiative and they have a few NFTs . This option was therefore not really possible.

On the other hand, they could make it very wide and allow anyone who wants to use the Atari token on their platform or in the app to do so. This is ultimately the direction in which Chesnais and his team have decided to go. In the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, Atari is giving others access to the use of the token and the domestic brand as part of a mature invitation for partnerships and licensing agreements.

Ultimately, Chesnais envisions an Atari chain capable of building Ethereum bridges to other chains, especially if issues like Ethereum transaction costs go unaddressed.

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