• Elizabeth Warren, a “democrap” senator from Massachusetts, is looking to create a new bipartisan committee devoted to investor protection in the digital currency arena.
• The committee will be co-sponsored by GOP lawmakers like Roger Marshall and John Kennedy.
• Despite her attempt at bipartisanship, many people have been attacking Warren for not fully understanding how the crypto space works.

Elizabeth Warren Seeks To Establish New Congressional Crypto Committee

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is advocating for the establishment of a new bipartisan congressional committee to investigate and protect investors in the cryptocurrency market. The committee will be co-sponsored by Republican lawmakers such as Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas and Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana.

Potential Impact Of The Committee

The proposed committee would aim to address concerns related to instability and mishandling of funds within the crypto market, particularly in light of recent events involving FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried. It also seeks to provide greater investor protection in an increasingly vulnerable space.

Warren’s Controversial Relationship With Crypto

Despite her attempts at bipartisanship, some individuals are critical of Elizabeth Warren’s involvement in the cryptocurrency world due to her purported lack of understanding on the matter. Recently she sent a strongly worded letter attacking Fidelity over its offering 401K retirement accounts that allow investors access to cryptocurrencies with their funds.

Alex Sarabia’s Statement On The Matter

Alex Sarabia – a spokesperson for Warren – issued a statement emphasizing her office’s commitment to working with both Republicans and Democrats on this issue: “What matters to me is (Bankman-Fried) spread money around Capitol Hill like it was dishwater, and nobody stopped at the time to ask any relevant questions about this company.“


Overall, Senator Elizabeth Warren is pushing for increased regulation and protection within the cryptocurrency realm through forming this new bipartisan congressional committee with Republicans such as Senators Marshall and Kennedy. However, some believe that her biases against crypto may interfere with her attempts at bipartisanship, leading them towards further opposition against her involvement.

Von Harro