Today Bitcoin (BTC) is breaking this year’s record again as Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine is proving to be 94.5% effective.

Bitcoin Records Highest Three-Week Close in Crypt History

Bitcoin decided to start the week off right by bringing the crypto market to life once again. However, the excitement is not limited to the crypto market because we now have a second vaccine option.

Yes, today Moderna Labs announced positives for a possible coronavirus vaccine, with an effectiveness of 94.5%. Let us bear in mind that Moderna’s vaccine surpasses in reported effectiveness the Pfizer and the Sputnik V of Russia.

Evidently the news of a new vaccine inserted a boost to the world and, with them, to the markets and Bitcoin.

At this moment Bitcoin News Trader is quoted in USD 16,788, with a growth of 5.48% during the last 24 hours. Very, very close to USD 17,000, will it make it?
The price of Bitcoin is very close to its historical high. Source: CoinMarketCap: The price of Bitcoin is very close to its historical maximum.

The crypto community hasn’t seen this price level since 2018, just before it crashed at $3,000. Without a doubt, today’s news regarding the vaccine has been a key catalyst for Bitcoin; however, experts see a greater maturity in the leading crypto.

Bitcoin is climbing steadily – will the next target be a record high?

Bitcoin at $318,000, says Citibank

Tom Fitzpatrick, managing director of Citibank, predicts that BTC’s price may exceed $318,000 by 2021, according to a note to institutional clients last week.

The note was leaked on Twitter through the ClassicMacro user where Fitzpatrick pointed out BTC’s weekly chart and used the technical analysis of previous highs and lows to determine a target of USD 318,000 by December 2021.

Fitzpatrick called BTC the „new gold“ and said that today’s unstable macroeconomic climate is creating room for a new financial structure.

Bitcoin Whale Weekly Activity in November

SkyBridge Capital could invest in crypto

SkyBridge Capital, which manages $7.7 billion in assets, reported last week that it may seek exposure to crypto, including BTC, but is not exclusive.

That is, according to Reuters, the company does not plan to limit itself and therefore plans to invest in crypto. In this way, it is the last renowned company to show interest in digital assets.

TOP Bitcoin news: Events you can’t lose sight of

Bitcoin Cash’s hard fork crypto was carried out

Yesterday the Bitcoin Cash blockchain was divided again into two networks: Bitcoin Cash Node and Bitcoin Cash ABC, after a controversial proposal from the development team.

But this division isn’t two equal parts. In fact, everything indicates that the Bitcoin Cash Node Blockchain will be the dominant one, since, according to CoinDesk, the other Blockchain doesn’t get hashed power until now.

Thus, the crypto community will have to remain very vigilant of the upcoming events linked to Bitcoin Cash.

BCH executed hard fork as planned

In a few lines… partnered with Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Franck Muller to produce crypto watches.
BTC’s returns have been 5 times higher than gold’s performance, notes Mr. Gordon on Twitter.
Jaan Tallin, co-founder of Skype, has most of his wealth in crypto, according to Fortune.

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