Bitcoin Price Soars Above $24K: Will It Push To $25K?

• Bitcoin recently crossed the $23k and briefly reached $24k, but has since dropped back to hovering between those two price levels.
• Ethereum also saw a surge in value, almost reaching $1,700, the highest since September.
• On Friday, there was some profit booking in Bitcoin and other major altcoins after the interest rate hike by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Recent Price Movement of Bitcoin

Bitcoin recently crossed the $23k price target a couple of days back and then pulled above $24k as well; leading to an overjoyed crypto market. However, the celebration was short-lived as bitcoin’s price dropped back to hovering between these two price levels. Investors are now curious if bitcoin will clear this Wednesday imbalance and push back up towards its next targets of $25k and beyond.

Impact of U.S Federal Reserve Rate Hike on Crypto Market

The day before the jump in Bitcoin value, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate, which some saw as a dovish move. Despite this positive trend, many investors remain cautious about further jumps in prices until stabilization is seen in crypto markets due to this rate hike by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

Profit Booking Sees Downward Trend

On Friday, there was some profit booking in Bitcoin and other major altcoins after the interest rate hike by the U.S Federal Reserve resulting in a 2% drop for bitcoin but it still remains above the $23000 mark while Ethereum dropped more than 2% but held above the $1600 level with other altcoins showing mixed results and total trading volumes flat at around 61$ billion close to their previous day’s figure.

Ethereum Nears All-Time Highs

Ethereum also saw a surge in value almost reaching $1700 -the highest since September- however if it fails to break through this resistance level then a correction may occur soon enough.

Will Bitcoin Clear The Imbalance?

With all these events taking place within such a short period of time we can only wait for things to settle down so that we can see if bitcoin will clear this Wednesday imbalance or not and make an attempt at pushing its way up towards its next target of 25K or higher..

Unlock Profit With Calvaria: Rare NFT-Based Card Game For The Afterlife

• Calvaria is a popular presale for 2022 that is set to expire, and analysts predict a huge profit opportunity.
• It is an NFT-based P2E cryptocurrency card game that centers on unusual underworld creatures in a power struggle for the afterlife.
• It has raised close to $2.87 million in record time, and only about 200k tokens are left in the presale round.

Calvaria is an upcoming NFT-based P2E cryptocurrency card game that has captured the attention of gamers and investors alike. Set to expire shortly, there is a huge potential for profit with this presale. It centers on a power struggle between unusual underworld creatures in a fight for the afterlife. With a unique plot and cutting-edge gaming mechanics, it is anticipated to outperform popular titles like Gods Unchained.

So far, Calvaria has raised nearly $2.87 million in record time, and only about 200k tokens are left for the presale. The project has a F2P version that is set to increase its value and provide widespread adoption. The game environment boasts three separate cities, each featuring its own NFT figure with special abilities. Mastering these abilities enables players to engage in combat with other players to win RIA prizes and profit. Although some rare characters may be purchased at a higher cost, this does not guarantee victory as the game is entirely tactic-based.

Analysts believe that the potential for profit is immense and urge investors to get on board while the presale is ongoing. As the game is expected to outperform popular titles, experts anticipate a high return on investment. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just curious about the project, now is the time to get involved and be part of the adventure.

Explore the Metaverse with RobotEra – Unlock Your Creative Potential!

• RobotEra is a newly-launched Metaverse project that enables users to explore a new kind of virtual world.
• By tapping into this trending technology, RobotEra, along with other projects, are reaching investors in several industries.
• The platform allows users to interact and create in an unrestricted way, giving them the freedom to explore their creativity.

RobotEra is a revolutionary new Metaverse project that is quickly gaining traction in the cryptocurrency community. The concept of the Metaverse is a virtual world where users can interact and create, and this is becoming an increasingly popular option for investors who are looking for alternative investments. RobotEra has emerged in the midst of the chaotic crypto market as a haven for investors and fans of the Metaverse, offering them a way to explore a new kind of virtual world.

RobotEra enables users to explore this virtual world in a creative and unrestricted way, giving them the freedom to explore their creativity. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so users can easily navigate the Metaverse and take advantage of the features it offers. This includes the ability to create and customize their own digital assets and characters, as well as interact with other users in the Metaverse. The platform also has a built-in marketplace where users can buy and sell digital assets, and a feature that allows users to earn rewards for completing tasks.

RobotEra is not the only project that is utilizing the Metaverse to reach investors in several industries. Dash 2 Trade,, and Calvaria are also tapping into this technology to create new opportunities for investors. Each of these projects offer their own unique features and benefits, so investors can choose the project that best suits their needs.

The team behind RobotEra is passionate about creating a platform that will revolutionize the way people interact and create in the Metaverse. They are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for users, and have implemented a variety of measures to ensure the safety of users‘ data. The team is also constantly working to improve the features and usability of the platform, so users can get the most out of their experience.

The potential for the Metaverse is immense, and with projects like RobotEra, investors have a unique opportunity to benefit from this technology. Whether it’s earning rewards for completing tasks, creating and customizing digital assets, or interacting with other users in the Metaverse, RobotEra offers investors a way to take advantage of this new technology. With its user-friendly interface and its commitment to safety and security, RobotEra is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after Metaverse projects.

Crypto Startup Funding Drops to Two-Year Low in Q4 2022

• Crypto startup funding has dropped significantly in Q4 2022 to its lowest level in nearly two years.
• According to PitchBook, venture capital investment in the digital asset industry declined by 75% compared to the same period in the previous year.
• FTX’s collapse in November had a further negative impact on investor confidence, resulting in a slowdown in funding for the crypto industry.

Crypto startup funding has taken a huge hit in the fourth quarter of 2022 as the crypto bear market continues. According to data provided by PitchBook, venture capital investment in the digital asset industry dropped to its lowest level in nearly two years in Q4 2022, with investment falling by 75% compared to the same period in the previous year.

The crypto space has been rocked by a bear market for most of 2022, with investors already pulling back their investments in crypto startups. However, the collapse of FTX in November had a further negative impact on investor confidence, resulting in an even greater decline in funding for the crypto industry.

Before the crash of FTX, the crypto market was seeing an influx of venture capital from large VC firms such as Andreessen Horowitz, Electric Capital, and Haun Ventures. In January 2022, FTX raised $400 million at a $32 billion valuation, a number that was unheard of at the time.

Unfortunately, the momentum of early 2022 has now been reduced to a trickle, with PitchBook’s research noting that crypto startups received $26.7 billion in funding last year alone. But the majority of this amount was raised during the first quarter, leaving the remaining quarters of the year to suffer from the bear market.

The current decline in funding in the crypto industry is a stark contrast to the bullish market of early 2022. Investors are now becoming more cautious and are not in any hurry to deploy more capital into the crypto sector. While the market may eventually recover, it will take some time before venture capitalists are willing to take on the risk of investing in the crypto industry.

Cardano Price Breaks Out of Falling Wedge, Could Surge to $3

• Cardano price has recently broken out of a falling wedge pattern and traded above $0.30 for the first time in 2023.
• The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator suggests buyers have the upper hand and are not ready to let go of the aggressive approach witnessed in the last few days.
• If declines intensify, we could see ADA spiraling to $0.2700 and $0.2400, respectively.

The Cardano price has been on an impressive uptrend lately, breaking out of a falling wedge pattern to reach new highs. The first time in over 2023 that ADA traded above $0.30, the smart contracts token continued to surge with support at $0.24 holding firm. ADA eventually hit new weekly highs of $0.3460 and has since retreated to trade at $0.3150, likely due to a spike in selling pressure as some investors booked early profits.

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator suggests that buyers have the upper hand and are not ready to let go of the aggressive approach witnessed in the last few days. The MACD (line in blue) flashed a buy signal on the 12-hour chart just before the New Year as it crossed above the signal line (in red). The momentum indicator’s sustained movement above the mean line hints at increasing buying pressure. Additionally, the long green histograms further cement the steady bullish grip on Cardano price.

The breakout in ADA price which was largely attributed to the falling wedge pattern saw the coin surge by 48% from support at $0.24 to highs around $0.3460. However, the pullback in Cardano price is likely to be a temporary stopover ahead of another massive breakout. If declines intensify, we could see ADA spiraling to $0.2700 and $0.2400, respectively. Nevertheless, high support is foreseen at $0.3000.

Overall, the uptrend in Cardano price looks encouraging and investors are likely to stay optimistic about the coin’s prospects in the long run. With the recent bullish activity, it is not impossible to consider the possibility of Cardano price climbing to $3 in the next bull market. Nevertheless, the crypto market is highly volatile and investors should always exercise caution when making investment decisions.

Quantum Ai: How to Sign Up

We’ve broken down the process of signing up for Quantum Ai into 4 steps. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Account creation
Quantum Ai Review: Robot Reliable or Not?
You can access the Quantum Ai account opening page from your browser on a PC, laptop or smartphone. To begin, you need to fill in the registration form with the following information:

Full name
Email address
Phone number
We’ve found that Quantum Ai doesn’t require a lot of information like some automated trading sites. Once the system confirms the creation of your new account, you will be able to link it to a broker affiliated with the crypto trading platform.

Step 2: Funding the trading account

Quantum Ai Review: Reliable Robot or Not?
When testing the bot, we found that the site accepts a high number of payment options. This allows many users to trade with this software. We can mention the following payment methods:

Credit or debit card
The robot requires a minimum deposit of £250 to start the live trading process. We made an initial deposit as a test of the system and noticed that the credit card was credited instantly.

Step 3: Demo trading on Quantum Ai
Quantum Ai Review: Reliable Robot or Not?
Quantum Ai offers a free demo trading account on its platform. We tried out the demo trading feature to check how well the robot detects trading signals and moreover the best investment offers.

The demo mode allows investors to get familiar with the platform and perform well in crypto trading. Once you feel comfortable, you can invest real money.

Step 4: Live Trading

Quantum Ai Review

In our survey, we chose the best crypto-currency pairs between BTC/EUR, BTC/USD, ETH/EUR, ETH/USD and set the Slop Loss and Take Profit. We noticed that the software does not invest your funds when the market is negative. This feature helps to protect your capital.

We suggest you invest the amount you can bear the loss. There is no need to remind you that there are risks of loss when trading crypto.

Main features of Quantum Ai
In our in-depth review of Quantum Ai, we have gone through its main features, detailed below.

Payment system
Quantum Ai is guaranteed to be a reliable and accurate payment system. Deposits are made instantly on the trading platform.

Withdrawals are made at the end of each trading session, as the funds are transferred directly into your trading account. We are pleased that our withdrawal request was processed within 24 hours.

21. januar: BTC / USD-test 31 000 igjen, ETH / USD reverserer oppadgående tendens for nedadgående trend

Konstantin Anissimov, administrerende direktør i CEX.IO, deler sin innsikt om Bitcoin (BTC) og Ethereum (ETH) daglige prisbevegelser.


BTC / USD åpnet torsdag 21. januar kl 35.367 og satte kursen rett ned fra starten av handelssesjonen. Handelsparet nådde raskt 34.400 mellom 04:00 og 05:00 UTC; en liten rebound mellom 05:00 og 08:00 UTC tok paret kort til det 33 967 intradag tekniske nivået. Og BTC / USD gjenopptok sin kurs nedadgående klokka 09:00 UTC.

Et kraftig fall falt i timen mellom 09:00 og 10:00 UTC, med Immediate Edge som stengte kl 33.247. Den bearish dynamikken fortsatte til 15:00 UTC, med paret som berørte 31,005 i et øyeblikk mellom 15:00 og 16:00 UTC. 2.618 Fibonacci-nivået plassert på 31.000 ble forventet å skape noe mottrade og utløste en meningsfull rebound mellom 16:00 og 20:00 UTC, som sendte paret til 33 560 i henhold til valutakursen på CEX.IO.

Vi forventer at prisdynamikken ikke vil endres radikalt før slutten av uken 18. januar, og salgssentimentet vil fortsette å dominere BTC / USD-handelen. Derfor forventer vi at BTC / USD-prisen vil bryte ned under 31 000-nivået på kort sikt. Når det skjer, vil det ikke være noen alvorlig teknisk barriere som i vesentlig grad kan reversere den nedadgående dynamikken frem til 19.000 – 20.500 regionen.

Nye avtaler til finansinstitusjoner i USA kan imidlertid påvirke prishandlingen på BTC / USD. Derfor bør BTC-handelsmenn holde øye med nøkkelpersonellendringen i USA økonomiske regulatorer.


ETH / USD åpnet handelssesjonen 21. januar på 1.377,3, noe som ga et raskt fall til 4.236 Fibonacci retracement-nivå på 1.324,7 i løpet av de første tre timene. Fallet stoppet ikke der og fortsatte i bedre del av dagen til 17:00 UTC.

I tiden mellom 04:00 og 17:00 UTC klarte ETH / USD gradvis å stige ned fra 1.326,8, til 3.618 Fibonacci retracement nivå på 1.164.9. Nivået genererte noen visse mothandelsvolumer, noe som gjorde at prisen spratt til 1 234 ved utgangen av timestaken mellom 19:00 og 20:00 UTC i henhold til valutakursen på CEX.IO.

ETH / USD-handelsresultatene 21. januar indikerer en tydelig tilbakegang i trenden i paret på 4-timersrammen. Opptrenden ser fortsatt ut på den daglige tidsrammen; derfor vil retningen ETH / USD fortsette på kort sikt avhengig av hvordan prisen går rundt 3.618 Fibonacci-nivået på 1.164,9.

I tilfelle nivået blir brutt ned, vil det åpne banen for ETH / USD til 1.045,1. Det er det mest sannsynlige scenariet da ETH / USD viser en økende korrelasjon med BTC / USD, som er på en klar korrigerende vei. Derfor bør kjøp av spill for ETH / USD betraktes som høy risiko i nær-til-midt-sikt fremtiden.

Bitcoin tritt Wasser über Unterstützungsniveaus

Bitcoin handelt innerhalb eines symmetrischen Dreiecks.

Es gibt einen Widerstand bei $37.700.

BTC handelt innerhalb einer komplexen korrigierenden Struktur.

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Das Trust Project ist ein internationales Konsortium von Nachrichtenorganisationen, das Standards für Transparenz entwickelt.

Der Bitcoin (BTC)-Preis wurde am 19. Januar vom Widerstandsbereich bei 37.700 $ zurückgewiesen und fiel unmittelbar danach.

Nichtsdestotrotz hält sich Bitcoin immer noch über der Unterstützung und es wird erwartet, dass er seine Konsolidierung fortsetzt.

Bitcoin in einem symmetrischen Dreieck

Bitcoin hat die Konsolidierung innerhalb des symmetrischen Dreiecks seit dem 4. Januar fortgesetzt.

Gestern wurde er vom 0,618 Fib-Retracement-Level der jüngsten Abwärtsbewegung bei $37.709 zurückgewiesen und fiel stark ab.

BTC handelt jedoch immer noch oberhalb der Unterstützungslinie dieses Dreiecks.

Die technischen Indikatoren sind neutral und können die Trendrichtung nicht bestätigen.

Die Werte auf dem Tages-Chart sind uneindeutig. Während der MACD und der Stochastic-Oszillator bärisch sind, hat der RSI auf dem Tages-Chart eine signifikante versteckte zinsbullische Divergenz erzeugt – ein starkes Zeichen für eine Trendfortsetzung.

Obwohl also eine Aufwärtsbewegung als Ergebnis der versteckten zinsbullischen Divergenz auftreten könnte, scheint es, dass der längerfristige Trend bärisch ist.


In der gestrigen Bitcoin-Analyse von BeInCrypto haben wir festgestellt, dass;

„Die Wellenzählung deutet darauf hin, dass BTC innerhalb einer komplexen W-X-Y-Korrektur handelt (unten in orange dargestellt), in der die X-Welle ein Dreieck ist. Dies passt auch zur längerfristigen Zählung, die darauf hindeutet, dass BTC von der im September 2020 beginnenden Aufwärtsbewegung korrigiert wird.“

BTC hat möglicherweise die C-Welle des Dreiecks mit seiner gestrigen Ablehnung abgeschlossen und befindet sich nun wahrscheinlich in der D oder E-Welle.

Nach Abschluss der Formation wäre eine Korrektur zu erwarten. Dies würde durch einen Rückgang unter das Tief der B-Welle bei 33.833 $ (rote Linie) bestätigt werden.

Andererseits würde ein Anstieg über das Hoch der A-Welle bei 40.112 $ wahrscheinlich darauf hindeuten, dass sich BTC weiterhin in einem Aufwärtstrend befindet.

Es ist möglich, dass sich BTC noch in der C-Welle befindet, aber das lässt sich zu diesem Zeitpunkt nicht feststellen. Dieses Szenario hätte keinen Einfluss auf das längerfristige Bild oder die Bullish/Bearish-Invalidierungslevel.
BTC Alternative Zählung


Es wird erwartet, dass Bitcoin seine Konsolidierung innerhalb seines symmetrischen Dreiecks fortsetzt, bevor es nach unten ausbricht. Ein Rückgang unter $33.833 würde bestätigen, dass die Korrektur begonnen hat.

Por que a ETH poderia superar a BTC

TA: Faixas de Ethereum Acima de $1.150: Por que a ETH poderia superar a BTC

O Ethereum está mantendo um grande apoio perto de US$1.150 em relação ao dólar americano. O preço do ETH está se consolidando e provavelmente está se preparando para uma grande vantagem acima de US$1.250.

  • O Ethereum está enfrentando um par de grandes obstáculos perto de US$1.245 e US$1.250.
  • É provável que o preço permaneça bem acima de US$1.150 e próximo da média móvel simples de 100 horas.
  • Há um triângulo chave de contratação que se forma com suporte próximo a $1.195 na tabela horária do ETH/USD (alimentação de dados via Kraken).
  • É provável que o par tenha um desempenho superior ao do bitcoin, a menos que haja uma quebra clara abaixo da zona de suporte de $1.150.

Suporte da chave de sustentação de preço Ethereum

Nas últimas 2-3 sessões, o Ethereum fez duas tentativas para ganhar força acima de US$1.250 e US$1.280. O preço do ETH não conseguiu se estabelecer acima de US$1.250, formou uma alta próxima de US$1.270, e Crypto Bank recentemente começou um novo declínio.

Houve uma quebra abaixo dos níveis de apoio de US$1.225 e US$1.220. O preço do éter chegou a ficar abaixo do nível de US$1.200 e testou a média móvel simples de 100 horas. Formou-se uma baixa próxima de $1.184 e atualmente está se consolidando perto do nível de $1.195.
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Parece que há um triângulo chave de contratação se formando com suporte próximo a $1.195 na tabela horária do ETH/USD. Uma resistência inicial no lado positivo está perto do nível de $1.225. Está perto do nível de 50% de retração de fibras do recente declínio de $1.270 de alta para $1.184 de baixa.

A primeira grande resistência está próxima do nível de US$1.250. Ela coincide com o nível de 76,4% de retração das fibras do recente declínio de US$1.270 de alta para US$1.184 de baixa. Se o preço do éter quebrar a resistência de $1.250 e a linha de tendência triangular superior, há chances de um forte aumento.

A próxima grande resistência está próxima do nível de $1.280. Um fechamento acima de $1.280 abrirá muito provavelmente as portas para um forte aumento acima de $1.300 e $1.350.

Dips Suportados em ETH?

Se o etéreo corrigir abaixo da linha de tendência triangular e $1.192, poderá encontrar um forte apoio próximo ao nível de $1.150 (uma zona multi-touch).

Uma quebra e fechamento abaixo do nível de suporte de $1.150 pode possivelmente provocar um forte declínio em direção a $1.100. Dito isto, o éter parece estável acima de $1.150, enquanto o bitcoin está mostrando sinais de baixa abaixo de $35.500 e $36.000.

Indicadores técnicos

  • MACD de hora em hora – O MACD para ETH/USD está lentamente ganhando ritmo na zona de baixa.
  • RSI por hora – O RSI para ETH/USD ainda está abaixo do nível 50.
  • Maior nível de suporte – $1.150
  • Nível de Resistência Principal – $1.250

Fidelity Digital aceptará Bitcoin (BTC) como garantía de los préstamos en efectivo

El gestor de activos Fidelity sigue abrazando la principal criptografía.

Fidelity Digital mantendrá a BTC como garantía de un préstamo en efectivo

En lo que viene como el último impulso para la adopción de la mayor criptodivisa del mundo, Fidelity Digital anunció recientemente que aceptará BTC como garantía para préstamos en efectivo.

Según un informe de Bloomberg publicado el 9 de diciembre, Fidelity Digital Assets – la rama de activos digitales del gigante de Wall Street – ha anunciado que permitiría a sus clientes institucionales dar en prenda el bitcoin como garantía de los préstamos en efectivo. Esto sería posible gracias a una asociación con la empresa de arranque BlockFi.

En una entrevista, Tom Jessop, presidente de Fidelity Digital Assets, señaló que Fidelity Investments poseerá el activo digital y no hará el préstamo en sí. El objetivo de este movimiento son los inversores de bitcoin que desean convertir su alijo digital en dinero en efectivo sin vender. Además, el objetivo también incluye los fondos de cobertura, los mineros de criptodivisas y las mesas de comercio extrabursátil.

Lo más notable es que el nuevo servicio de Fidelity llega poco después de que la criptodivisa más importante superara su valor más alto de todos los tiempos en 2017 a principios de diciembre, antes de caer un poco. En términos de apreciación de precios, bitcoin ha subido un 164% en 2020, alcanzando un máximo de 19.462 dólares el 3 de diciembre.

Jessop añadió que retener a bitcoin para respaldar los préstamos es „una capacidad fundamental“.


„A medida que los mercados crecen, esperamos que esto se convierta en una parte bastante importante del ecosistema.“

Añadió que aunque prevé que los préstamos sean a más largo plazo que un típico comercio de repos, siguen siendo de un tipo – un acuerdo tripartito – algo de lo que Wall Street es cómodamente consciente.

„Queremos desarrollar una capacidad de corretaje de clase mundial para activos de todo tipo“, dijo.

La fidelidad continúa en el tren de Bitcoin

La fidelidad es indiscutiblemente una de las mayores instituciones que se han unido al carro de la criptografía.

En agosto, BTCManager informó que Fidelity había anunciado que estaba listo para lanzar su primer fondo bitcoin.

De forma similar, en octubre, Fidelity fue un paso más allá, diciendo que declaraba que Bitcoin tiene una correlación notablemente baja con otros activos tradicionales como las acciones o el oro y que la capitalización del mercado de Bitcoin tiene muchas oportunidades de crecimiento. En línea con esto, la empresa considera invertir el 5% en BTC en su cartera diversificada.