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Enjoy this little brand video I made for Gregory Mountain Products.  For the weekend warriors out there… I hope this speaks to you.
“Weekends are a time to recoup from the week of work, let all life’s stresses pass away, but may be the only time for the working class to fully live their passion. The time is short, the thrills are big, and the days not enough. Because when the week ends, real life begins.”

Weekends: When Real Life Begins from Gregory Packs on Vimeo.

Hey everyone… Hope the summer is treating you well and you are getting out climbing as much as possible.

Here’s a quick little update on my trip so far out here in Australia… Great times all around and such a cool country to visit and climb in.  It’s been a lot of fun climbing and not taking it to seriously, meaning no large projects or major focuses.  This is the first for me and feels great to be a visitor in such a wild country.  There are PARROTS flying around while we are climbing!!!!

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I just woke up today after 36 hours of straight travel… We are in the GRAMPIANS!!!  Oh man… I am going to drink this coffee, post this lil vid up and head to the cliff!!!!!  Enjoy everyone… it’s just a little spazzy video of my baby Life Of Villains.  Enjoy and thanks so much XYIENCE!



I am sitting in Berkeley, California working on another video I have on my plate.  It seems to be the biggest commodity for climbing sponsors these days.  Deliverables.  All of you climbers trying to make a career out of this game, I would say learn some creative vid and photo skills and hone it.

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  • Bubba - Have fun down under! If you want a good read for the long ass plane ride get “in a sunburned country” by Bill Bryson. Very entertaining book on Australia.

  • Joey Kinder - Thanks for the suggestion Bubba!

  • Eric - Nice to meet you last night boner! I meant to tell ya I was in your corner on that whole tree-cutting debacle. It’s not like juniper trees are endangered or anything…ranchers cut thousands of them down all over the west just to have land to graze. Have fun in Australia and thanks for the beta on finding that cave.