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“Healthy climbing landscapes are only possible because of personal commitments to care for the places we climb.The ROCK Project brings awareness to best practices that help all of us become great stewards and leaders by example. We are proud to partner with the Access Fund on education standards that will make our climbing world a cleaner and safer place,” says Phil Powers, American Alpine Club executive director


This is it… the word is now out and everyone of you… ALL of you should commit, join, and spread the word. We are truly in a new world as climbers today and I have joined and commited to this.  “ROCK Project is a new initiative that will work to infuse the climbing community with educational messages and psyche that inspires and empowers climbers to dial in their skills as climbing stewards and practice responsible Leave No Trace behaviors while climbing outdoors.”

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The other day I made it!  I made it to the top of my current project at my beloved Zebra Wall on the Cascade cliffs!  I had been trying this rig for the better half of July 2014 and was on my mind a lot while in Norway.  I know that might sound goofy, but the rig is special in so many ways.  First ascents are always more involved and meaningful and with the history and controversy at this wall and my route development this route has even a greater meaning.  The three routes I bolted (Joe Bunyan 8b+?, Weekend at Bernie’s 8b+/c?, and Blue Sky Black Clouds 8c/+?) are now complete and absolutely the best lines I have ever put up.  The stone is perfect for the skin, the features are round and interesting, and the climbing is thoughtful and all based around sensation.  I love this place and am so happy to contribute with these dime-pieces.    I have completed what I started at this cliff and paid a hefty price for it all.  If anyone heads up before the snow comes enjoy the climbing, but please take care and be mindful as it is a delicate and special place.  I know you will.

Thanks for reading everyone.

Blue Sky Black Clouds  Photo by Jim Thornburg

Blue Sky Black Clouds
Photo by Jim Thornburg

  • Justin - looks amazing, congrats!

  • justin - and for all the crap that you got from the “community”, im sorry. people love to point fingers. You made a mistake sure, but anyone of those people who blasted you on the forums might have done the same thing, and I’m really impressed on how you responded graciously, even in the face of a lot of over zealous internet pressure and sponsor issues. That must have been hard, and I for on am impressed with how you handled it.

  • Joey Kinder - Thank you Justin… it was surely a life changing experience. I appreciate the kind words buddy.


It’s been a simple life here with pretty much zero distractions other than going climbing, hitching to town for food and hanging out like dudes do.  As of now I have completed all of my goals which feels awesome and I still have two weeks left.  Life is good.  I would like to share some photos and caption them up accordingly.  Any photo of me is likely a video still from Bearcam that’ll be packaged up and delivered in a video through the staple company (and sponsor of mine) Black Diamond…  Enjoy!

Also… Do people still look at this site?  I’m kind of wondering if it’s still worth keeping it up.   Let me know if you feel like chiming in.

Thanks for checking me out ya’ll.  Have fun out there!!!



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  • Cleonett - Love the site…keep posting the stoke.

  • dave - Keep up the blog. It’s one of like 7 climbing sites I check, the only other blog is Jstars. everyone else gave it up it seems. But its fun to see the photos from far off crags.

  • Christian - Defenitly worth keeping the side alive! Love the somehow different way you share your psyche than most blogs out there…

  • Chris - yes, keep the site going!

  • Peder Groseth - Joe, absolutely keep up the site! This is THE site I check when I need a climbing fix! Keep up the good work!

  • FC - Awesome shite dude, keep it going!

  • Roman - Top Stuff!
    Gots me all excited :-)

  • Dan - I still look at this site. I know everyone else quit blogging but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

  • RD - Keep the site! Always good photos and always a source of psyche.

  • Paul - Check every post…keep it!

  • Micah - always cool to check your page out. keep t up!

  • Kevin Dufresne - Awesome post of a proper far off climbing trip! Keep it up Joe. Ideas you if you went dark.

  • AC - Keep it up! I enjoy it. Still waiting for you to share some Tahoe Cascade Cliff / Zebra Wall beta with us.

  • David - Keep doing the blogs man I love reading about ya climbs and seeing the great photos! Can’t wait for the vid footage!

  • Yannick Neufeld-Cumming - I check out your site frequently, its nice to hear your perspective of different aspects of climbing.

  • Ian - The blog must live! Need to keep my sweet vicarious lifestyle going.

  • Pierre - Duuuude.

    Keep it going man, I always dig your posts

  • Ian - Keep it alive! As long as the psyche stays as high as it always is I’ll check back for the inspiration the videos photos and stories from the trips.

  • Mikey - Let the blog die man. Your annoying photos of beautiful climbing areas distract me from the good stuff on the internet like “10 hottest celebrity booties” and George Takei Facebook posts.

  • Yager - Always enjoy reading about your climbing adventures, keep it up dude!

  • Christer - Keep the site up please! I guess most people share and “like” the posts on Facebook etc., so that’s why they don’t necessarily comment on each post directly on the blog.
    Love all the nice photos from Flatanger – enjoy the rest of your stay there!

  • Max - You and Jstar are the last bloggers…the game is on..

  • Mike - Always something to keep me stoked! Great photos and psych with the kind twist. Please continue to entertain us Joe

  • tadzys - Keep it up. As long is its not once a year random post, it is cool to read it :)

  • ryan j - Bok bok bok

  • BK - BRO do NOT stop bloggin these posts and images are always Super Inspiring especially to those of us who for now can only dream of places like Flatanger those lines look completely insane in all the best ways imaginable have fun dudes :o)~

  • matt - I read the blog, please keep it up.

  • Jaime - Keep it upod to Joey!! It’s always good to check it out!! Have fun man!

  • Christian - I really like Flatanger. I saw Ethan on Nordic Plumber 2 years ago. It’s always a pleasure to see pictures of Flatanger and stories. One of the best place in Norway for climbing. Looking forward your video. Continue your blog, please.

  • Mos Rad - Broey!! Awesome pics and blog post dood!!! Keep up the site FO SHO!!!!!! DREAM CAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG.

  • Erik - Keep it up, enjoying your picture postings !
    gr Erik

  • Frederick - Hey man- really appreciate your blog. Keep it up!!!!! Your one of the more consistent and quality climbing bloggers out there. Fires up the stoke, for sure!

  • Kenny - Keep posting Joe. Working full time shift work and with 2 young kids I gotta live vicariously! Helps keep my psyche for the all-too-rare days when I get to climb outside.

  • Jonah - Definitely keep up the blog. You are one of the very few climbers out there who aren’t full of shit.

  • Paddy - Keep it up. You have the best blog in climbing!

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After going 3 day stints of climbing this was the second rest day. A little sightseeing had our minds blown with all of the beauty.

After seeing photos and videos for the past four years or so and obsessing over coming I finally had the chance to pull the trigger and make it happen.  For the past year or so I would periodically check plane tickets and see if they had dropped from the normal $2k.  For whatever reason I got lucky and scored a ticket for $1100 from San Francisco.  HOT DAMN! View full post »

  • Scott Rinckenberger - Looks incredible. I gotta make it out that way. Keep crushing!

  • Justin - Love this site dude