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After going 3 day stints of climbing this was the second rest day. A little sightseeing had our minds blown with all of the beauty.

After seeing photos and videos for the past four years or so and obsessing over coming I finally had the chance to pull the trigger and make it happen.  For the past year or so I would periodically check plane tickets and see if they had dropped from the normal $2k.  For whatever reason I got lucky and scored a ticket for $1100 from San Francisco.  HOT DAMN! View full post »

  • Scott Rinckenberger - Looks incredible. I gotta make it out that way. Keep crushing!

  • Justin - Love this site dude

Injuries occur from time to time as much as we climb. It’s one of those risks we take. It can be a huge learning experience too and even makes you hungrier than before. Take a look at this video of my friend Edu Marin climbing an awesome route I added to St. Linya. Way to go man!

Hope everyone is stoked for the weekend.  I wish you a safe and productive time on your projects, climbing endeavors or whatever you have in your plans. It feels good to get this video out there and hopefully it inspires a few folks.  Putting up routes is one way I’m able to give back to a community that supports my lifestyle.  It’s also really fun!  Enjoy everyone… and always give it that last ditch effort because that just might be the ticket to success.  Yes.  Black Diamond

BD Athlete Joe Kinder Sends Maquina Muerte, 5.14+ from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

  • Justin Martin - Whats up JoeJoe Man! Looking at getting my first Sterling 9.8. Mostly we climbing in a gym twice a week and the Red in KY. I know their cores are all dry treated, would the extra dry treatment make a big difference in keeping it cleaner? Water is not really an issue, just dirt.

    Thank man,

  • Joey Kinder - Hey Justin! I would say the Double is best as you usually get what you pay for. Sterling ropes are really good ropes so you are probably getting the best rope you can if you get that double dry action. Your call man… I would always go for that one extra addition with something like a rope. Good luck man! Oh… btw… that 9.8 is the JAM!

  • Justin Martin - Thanks so much! Also we’ve been using the Belāggles for over a year now, they have really helped with my wifes neck problems. Sent my hardest route so far because of her and those glasses. You sir are a hero. Thank you for turning us on to those.

  • Joey Kinder - HA! They are great huh? GLAD I can help out bud…

The Blue Mountains offered pretty much everything we were looking for.  Great weather, towns to chill in and lots of different cliffs.  We spent a whopping month there cyphering from different crags and projecting the inspiring lines.  I got close on a mega 8c called Tiger Cat, which is at the newest crag called Elphinestone.  I fell off the last move and then continually suffered from cuts and skin issues.  Goofy climber problems, but a reality.  The majority of the Blueys was spent climbing 5.13’s until we decided one day on a whim… to roll out and head back to the Grampians and the Arapiles.  Our rationale was based on the famous areas that Australia offers we were ready for them.


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  • Xavier Perry Linn - I could feel the suspense building as you adventured to your send of Punks.

    Awesome story Joe!

  • Joey Kinder - Thanks Xavier man… glad you enjoyed it. What a moment! One I will remember. Have fun out there.

Don’t miss this one guys… if you are in the Telluride area  or interested in making a trip out of it this could be great.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.44.09 AM

Cliffhanging to Stargazing: Tools/Tricks to Elevate Your Outdoor Imagery Instructors: Ben Herndon Photo Editor: Julie Ellison – Climbing Magazine Dates: September 30, 2014 – October 2, 2014 Fee: $750 Signup:

Learn climbing AND night photography tricks and get free prAna gear during my three day clinic this October at the 2014 Telluride Photo Festival. Climber and prAna athlete Rannveig Aamodt will be posing for shots. Sign up before July 15 and you’ll receive a 20% discount and a free pass to the whole festival.

This workshop will cover a variety of entry level techniques/tricks to help enhance your adventure images, emphasizing climbing photography and basic rope ascension as well as an intro to off-camera lighting techniques for adventure lifestyle imagery (including tent and star photography). A prior familiarity with basic climbing safety is highly recommended and high level of familiarity with your camera’s controls. This course is not to be considered a substitute for comprehensive climbing instruction. Photo Editor, Julie Ellison will be sitting in on the last day’s session to review images during the workshops as well as portfolios.

Ben is a freelance photographer and writer based in the rugged Northwest. His work has been used by National Geographic Adventure, Climbing, Rock & Ice, Trailrunner, Lonely Planet, Red Bull Adventure, Adidas, Evolv, Mystery Ranch and Black Diamond Equipment, among others. In June 2012 Climbing Magazine selected him as one of the top 7 young climbing shooters in the world.