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Essentials Of Climbing: Bouldering

Sooner or later I am going to write up a normal blog post on what the hell I have been up to lately. Basically I have been on the injured list with a partially torn bicep… yeah… real bummer. I canceled my trip to Australia and will be heading there likely in the Spring time… April? In the mean-time I have been trying to get on top of my other business obligations and endeavors like videos and sponsor work. Life is good, but always a little heady and rough when your body isn’t allowing you to do what you love. The doctor said I will be back to full strength over a little time and that is the best news possible really. I just have to be smart and as usual seize the day in all aspects of life… if you climb as much as I do you will surely go through a rough patch from time to time and that’s what I would call this.

In the meantime… I proudly present to you… my latest video for Eastern Mountain Sports‘ Essentials series. (View the entire series here on Youtube) Bouldering.

Enjoy everyone and thanks so much for checking in.

Essentials Of Climbing: Bouldering from EASTERN MOUNTAIN SPORTS on Vimeo.

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