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Essential of Climbing: Sport Climbing

AND we got another!!! For all of those that don’t know what Sport Climbing is… well here ya go!

Thanks so much to Eastern Mountain Sports for all of this support and the opportunity to branch out like this.

Essential of Climbing: Sport Climbing from EASTERN MOUNTAIN SPORTS on Vimeo.

  • m - Joe; Great site/blog. You’re site is categorized as “porn” by my Company’s web-filter. Cool climbing stuff like this is porn to me, but you might want to check into why you’re getting categorized as that.

  • bill - Nice video! Ever thought about filming ‘Essentials of Climbing: Belaying and Staying Safe’? – especially in light of the recent high profile sport climbing tragedy…

    have fun climbing!

  • Joey Kinder - Yes… this is something I would like to cover, but EMS is a little scared of the concept as some people may disagree with one fashion. What I have been told is this is a sensitive topic and is best to be avoided by the series. They suggest a one on one sort of education. I like the idea, but at the same time do not want to tamper with major specifics when this sort of safety is at stake…

  • bill - thanks for the response – makes sense

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