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5 Months In A Moment

Gregory Packs Presents a film made by Your’s Truly: 5 Months In A Moment. This is a video short I put together in a fun and spazzy nature. It is a giant compilation of footage that Colette and I gathered over the past 5 months while traveling in Europe and South Africa. We kept the 5d and T2i on us at all times and shot everything.  Actually there is so much footage I have a stock pile for future use.  Kind of nice.  The whole concept came from the Alpaca 22 which is a new travel piece in the line. This bag became part of my every-day-life for the entire time we were traveling. Most of what I kept in it were the essential like climbing and camera gear which were valuable and things I needed near-by.  It can be a bit challenging when you embark on a video for a company. How do you make the product visible, but not in your face?  How can you make it subtle and still please the client?    Why not have the product inevitably be a part of the story?  That is the goal anyway and I hope you all enjoy this little joint. I am a professional climber first and film-maker second I love them both as there is lots to learn. I love this one and hope you do to… thanks for checking in and have a great week.

Oh yeah… I climbed Bad Girls Club yesterday… WEEHOO!!!!!! I really don’t think you could whip the smile off my mug today… life is good.

  • Paul - More Joe! Preferably 30mins plus more… Just like the blog, way more than climbing in there. Awesome job!

  • Mendipixel - Sick video! The music goes perfectly with it. Makes me want to travel :)

  • JOHN D - Crazy are just living the dream. I like it. Never stop!

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