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Heart Of Zteel 3

This had to have been the coolest comp I have attended/viewed in a long time.  Personally I get pretty bored watching a comp.  The same climbers doing the same moves over and over and maybe one of them gets a move further or sends… yada yada yada… boring.  Then on the other hand you have people trying a different approach and bringing something else to the game of climbing competitions.  The Heart Of Zteel is a “game show” style comp that you actually pull money off of the wall during your attempts on the finals.  You have money placed all over the boulder problem in select check-points and the amount is based on the difficulty to get there.  Classic.  The crowd loves it as well because when your time is up and you are finished you then have the option to buy back in for another try.  Clever.  This was a joy to watch and super unique.  I had no idea what I was attending.  The word was not out and it should be.  The Heart of Zteel is worthy, lucrative for the competitor and hilarious to attend.  Good on ya guys.  Thanks for having me.

  • Dave - Yeah dude! You’re the Don! Nice seeing you man, have fun in Europa!

  • Jordan Shipman - YO!!! Joe it was great talking to you this weekend. Can’t wait till next time! Any chance I can get a copy of that picture of my silhouette next to the crane? That shot screams profile pic :D I’ll be in touch soon with something special for you!

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