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New, New, NEW!!!

It has been refreshing going to new walls, trying new routes, new boulder problems, bolting new lines, and checking out new walls to equip. It’s easy to stay occupied here in the desert South West…

Jorge Visser and I have been doing small trips to Las Vegas for climbing. This round we went up to the infamous Mount Potasi. This place has always been and area I have never really cared to visit due to the manufacturing. All I have ever heard about the place was that it was an “outdoor gym”, it had “90% manufactured holds”, and that the cave was huge and steep. Over the years Potasi gained a huge stigma in the USA as simply lame and a pathetic style for our current era. This sort of an area is a little hard to find inspiring, but In the end we had a great time climbing up there. I can’t take it seriously as it is an outdoor gym and some of the only natural grips are intermediates. Potasi is what it is and without all of those fake holds there really wouldn’t be much to climb up there. I can enjoy it for a different experience, but I will never find it inspiring and give it the same respect as most cliffs. But hey!… that’s just me. Some people LOVE and who am I to knock it?  Besides,  life is too short to get caught up in too much ethical debate like why a cliff should suck. Do what you are psyched on and enjoy yourself. [I DO NOT recommend/condone chipping holds]

Mt. Potasi

Jorge on 12d

Bill Ramsey on Reverse Polarity 14b

Jorge Visser Photo

Heather Robinson on her 13d project

Jorge Visser Photo

Me on Mon Pot Asi 14a (Jorge VIsser photo)

(Jorge Visser photo)

(Jorge Visser Photo)

Heather Robinson

This area never seems to be tapped or even completely discovered. I sometimes feel like a border collie or some kinda working dog and I HAVE to produce/work/create…. I am lucky to have all the time in the world and trust me… I use it wisely. I ventured out the other day to find some new walls that I have heard about for years in the Mormon Mountains.These walls have been hiked to by Todd Perkins, Bill Orhan, Andy Raether, Chris Lindner and probably any other crazy bastard that is that psyched!… lets just say  I am SO amazed at what I saw!

What I saw is the new frontier of climbing in this area. There are HUGE walls all over the mountainside. You hike, yes, but it it worth it. The features range from fat tufas to pockets and crimps. FEATURED!!!!! I will get started immediately as it is pretty much all I can think about now.  This is an area that has been talked about, for years.  I have seen photos from Andy Raether of the giant cliff they dubbed  “The Pepsi Center”, and a few people that have plugged in routes up there like Chris Lindner and Bill O.  The area is by no means new, it is just un-touched by those willing to hike and make a giant effort.  That is really what this endeavor will involve… Making an effort. The road out there is gnarly, the hike is pretty much as gutter as it gets, but dude… we got one life and why NOT go for it?!!!!

I am only going to show photos for inspiration.  I understand this is not always the best thing to do as it is new, but I want everyone out there to be as inspired as I am soo……

Bolting at Blank (Seth GIles photo)

New terrain

Monstrous cave. Right side is the most featured. About 120' tall.

The right side.

The DOPE sector.... TUFAS and TONS of them... 90' tall.

Tickets to Europe have been purchased leaving the 4th of April… DANG!!!!! Could things get ANY BETTER??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ellis - dude, the mormon mountains are sick! Have you been to the Ballin Alley before? Chris Lindner bolted some really nice lines out that way, and we definitely saw a few other potentially awesome walls in the area.

  • bj - Wow, that looks incredible!

  • Joey Kinder - Yeah… I saw Chris’s walls from afar… there is SO MUCH out there its nutty… consider it in the makes NOW.

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