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Jennon Is Live

I am once again proud to present another video I recently completed.  Live on Deadpoint Magazine the Jennon peice.  It is Jen Vennon and her life as a full-time  Kindergarden teacher, who stays super psyched and determined as a climber. She climbs the infamous 7pm Show .14a for the second female to do it after Emily Harrington. It was a super proud day and I was lucky to be there… she was smiling ear to ear for 3 days and all of her friends gave her sincere congrats.  Great work again Jen… Hope you like your vid.

Emily Harrington FFA of 7pm Show.

I will be providing more video content for Deadpoint Magazine in the future and look forward to it. The video thing is great for rest days and great for a creative endeavor. You can make a product, get it out there and see what people think! Ya know what else this means? MORE CAMERA STUFF!!!! HA!! The HDSLR film making is a HUGE money pit and I am in it.  I know my girlfriend is not psyched… HA!!! More to come everyone.

It is cold here, wet, grey and depressing… time for a trip. Southern Utah here I come!!!!!

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