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Project Complete!

I am really happy as of yesterday I completed my route. I put in about 12 days or so figuring out moves, trying links, and then pushing for a send. This is one my babies and I am really proud of it since I bolted the line, cleaned it for days and now did it… What a feeling!!! A spectacular style in horizontal climbing with moves getting harder, and holds getting poorer toward the end. You know what that means… Epic finish! And that it was. I yelled, clamped the feet, tried my ass off and yeah… the route never got easier. Never. That’s when I know it’s a hard one.

It’s called “Flight Of The Conchords”.

About the grade? Well… when comparing it to the “new-school” 9a grade in Catalunya, Spain it cannot be. I don’t know if thats a smart thing or what, but it seems like the right thing for now. Lets go 8c+ and see what happens.


  • Mark - Congrats dude. Ain’t no rest for the wicked tho. Whats next?

  • sweatpants - Hey congrats man! Looks like a rad little spot.

  • misty murphy - congrats on your hard work. it must feel good!

  • Matt - Can you start linking your smaller pictures to larger versions? I’d really love to make this photo my background.

  • Lee - Business time. Joey on the takedown.

  • orvaq (Tomas Vavro) - Gratz! Would there be any footage or so? Definately would like to see some of the moves on video :]

  • jay - congrats joe.

  • Fred Vionnet - Congratulations!
    I’ve never worked a route more than 4 days, your post will help me beeing more motivated to try more and more a route harder than what I’ve alreday send!

  • Unai - Nice one!

  • Jamie - Dude, I’ve been following your site for a while now. It’s inspiring and always interesting. I’ve got to say, well done! Hearing about you bolting cool stuff and seeing these rad pictures makes me want to figure that stuff out. Flight of the Conchords looks like a classic.

  • Daniel LaRusso - Hell yeah.
    Nice one!!!!!

  • john k - nice. good ole hurricane.

  • Joe - congrats! where’s it at?

  • elias - congrats joe!!! very inspiring man!!!! truly!!

  • Chimneysweep - Where in Utah is this? Looks bad ass.

  • Tim - awesome Joe! you blog is getting me psyched!

  • DC - Noice! wouldn’t happen to have any footage of the route so we can get a feel for what its all about?

  • admin - Chuck Fryberger and I are teaming up for a segment in his next movie. This route will likely be in that. Stand by on the details. Should be SICK, especially after seeing the trailer for CORE!

  • admin - This cave is located in Hurricane Utah.

  • hasan - Hi
    congratulations on sending your project.

    what drill do you recommend to someone who has never bolted routes before. I go to university of maine and want to start bolting some lines and was wondering what drill you also use…


  • Brian Philpot - Good job! That’s a sweet climb!

  • jacinda - Little late in coming, but NICE WORK!!!!!

  • ian - Hey yo,

    Belatedly, great job on the project! Congratulations!

    Haven’t hit up your blog in a while, still schoolin’ out here in Davis. But my tendons have finally healed, and now i’m out to release some pent up PSYCHE that your entries helped me keep up for so long. Thanks again amigo, and i hope your future projects keep getting sicker and sicker.


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