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Fanning Out A Lil Bit.

This photo just really gets me psyched and I wanted to share it. Maria Torres shot this photo of Dani Andrada bolting barefoot probably during a climbing day. Motivation indeed.

  • Lee - Ground up too! Feel the burn! Ground up is a hell of a lot harder than top down, regardless of steepness. As always, respektah!

  • fanaticlimber - Nice photo man!,,he is the real boss!!

  • polaropposite - Ground up? So he climbed up there in bare feet? And someone’s hanging there on a rope taking the picture right? So how do you know he’s bolting ground up?

  • dom - is he just clipped into one quickdraw? his arm is blocking the view of the rope so hard to see.

  • keith - joe – we’re heading out to st. george this friday for a week. it’s supposed to rain a little over the weekend – is black and tan any good in that weather, or should i head up to the cathedral?

    if you’re psyched, it’d be rad to climb with you at either place.

  • admin - Hey Keith… the weather up at the Cathedral should be nice and cool. If you like it colder you will love it up there. In the rain it is kinda tough. Black and Tan is not a good choice for wet days. There is the Hurricave which is good, just not the nicest place. There is also the Suncave across from the VRG walls… super cool and will be totally dry. You just gotta get across the river. Maybe see ya man!!!

  • keith - how much colder are we talking? if it’s 60 in st. george, is it ten degrees cooler? 20?


  • admin - If it is 60 in St. G it is usually about 45-50 at the cathedral…

  • DC - Joe! I have an idear. Do up a post about the process of bolting, the rigging needed to bolt steep stuff, what you dig about it and some of the important do’s and don’ts of bolting. I think all climbers should be more aware of good and bad bolting jobs to keep themselves safe rather than just thinking that every bolt job is bomber. Just an idear. Keep up the good work mang!

  • admin - DC…. That is a GREAT idea. Maybe a little video?

  • DC - Everyone loves videos! Thanks Joe!

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