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How Climbers Have Fun.

I am hung over like hell while writing this. But you gotta let loose some times. So much climbing deserves a rest day and a little bit of wylin out!!! After all… what’s life about other than enjoying yourself and having a good time?

After a tiring 6th day on and trying routes left and right we had to go for it on the partying tip. The cliff was was nice and mellow even being a holiday weekend… very nice. Chris Sharma was psyched up and spreading the motivation by trying the Neanderthal project…. Tomas Mrazek was in his usual stoked mode and tried the one of the new direct starts opened by Dani. I failed on an 8c and Colette sent another 7c… way to finalize things Coltron! AND… for Colette’s last night in Catalunya we had to do it up. OH…. We did it UUUUUP!!!!!!!!! SO fun. Im gonna miss my woman and will see her in Snowy Colorado next week… Dang!

Chris on Neanderthal Project

Chris on Neanderthal Project

Tomas on the new direct start.  HARD...

Tomas on the new direct start. HARD...

Tom on Fuck The System 9a.

Tom on Fuck The System 9a.


  • Fafounet - Looking at pictures it seems that you shouldn’t be the only one having a hung over !

  • Andrew Bisharat - Typical climbing party: a couple girls, buncha dudes

  • tah-sha-tunga - great blog, man! …really nice and big photos, fresh reports – keep goin’!

  • tah-sha-tunga - …and looks like Chris is kind of hairy, isn’t he? 😀

  • Marc B - Dang, I’m getting a contact hangover just looking at those disco shots. Good on ya for enjoying the night life in Spain when you’re off the rocks.

    While I’m at my desk pondering the physics of Tomas’ moves on the direct start, he’s revising the laws of gravity.

  • steph - loving the fist pump action

  • Anton - Andrew’s comment reminds me of the Conchords video: haha

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