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One night in Lleida.

img_6035.jpg Dave made a serious effort to come and visit for 24 hours in Lleida…JUST before we were all leaving.  Dave is giving a presentation in Swissy on the climbers life-style.  The presentation includes video/photos and Dave’s perspective on the lifestyle as a full-time climber and the progression of it….sounds dope. img_6046.jpg We got to run around Barcelona for a little yesterday while killing time.  That town is INSANE!!!!  MY GOD!!!!   img_6061.jpgThere was a Dunkin Donuts man….EAST COAST!!!!!!  dunkin.jpgNow we are in London for a week of drinking beer…I think thats a passion to the Brits like climbing is to us…???  We will see.

  • Bortz - Hope Daves injured finger is better!!

  • Natindirespeta - I agreed with you

  • fielcone - i am gonna show this to my friend, man

  • sapsExpashy - omg.. good work, guy

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