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MY God….I think EVERY website I visit and every gym I go to there is some sort of imagery or promo for our late video project “Spray”. Premier #1 is tomorrow in Boulder Colorado at the Boulder Theatre.  Then, the next day….Brian Solano and I leave for San Fran and present another…Feb 2nd.  COME check us out…entertainment, partying, and a new movie to cop. spraaaaay.png I’m in Southern Utah right now getting some actual ROCK climbing in.  HEAVEN!!!  I swear I have been in the gym far to long and can’t even describe how good it feels to just GO to the cliff, climb, and do the thing.  Fell off the LAST move of a 13d/14a yesterday…MUST execute today…..I MUST.  I am busy as all hell right now and got to make do with the time I have….Stay tuned for some pictures. Outty. 

  • Angie - We can’t wait for Spray to come to the Tower Theater in SLC.

    Have fun and climb on!

  • climbing techniques - climbing techniques…

    one item in my bucket list is to video the two climbing the wall illustrated below. design group nendo visually redefined the indoor climbing wall that surely impresses even the most pedestrian observer. accoring to oki sato, nendo mastermind, the wall…

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